Wolfe Family Picture   This picture was taken at No. Webster lake in July 4, 1926 at  Scott Wolfes home                            

Picture # 2 Thank you Russell & Leta Mae Erne & Donovan Wolfe for all your help On this Picture

1 George W. Wolfe

2 Nancy (Hall) Wolfe

3 Maudie (Maston) Wolfe

4 Myretta "Myrtle" Wolfe

5 Helen Leone Wolfe

6 Cora Marvel (dau of Minnie)

7 Harold Galbreath (son Maggie)

8 Opal Alice Wolfe

9 Dorrey Wolfe (son of John)

10 Verla Wolfe (dau of Ivan)

11 George Wolfe (son of John)

12 Russell Wolfe (son of John)

13 Charles Wolfe (son Lester)

14 Thelma Wolfe (dau of Lorenzo)

15 John Marvel (son of Minnie)

16 Willis Wolfe (son of Ivan)

17 Mildred Wolfe (dau Lester)

18 Melvin Wolfe (son of John)

 19 Elmer Wolfe (son of Lovell)

20 Dorothy (Kuhn) Wolfe

21 Elizabeth Galbreath (dau Maggie)

22 Marguerite Galbreath(dau Maggie)

23 Veda Wolfe (dau of Ivan)

24 Wilma Zorn (dau of Myrtle)

25 Esther Zorn (dau of Myrtle)

26 Dorothy Wolfe (dau of Lovell)

27 Bernice Wolfe (dau of Chester)

28 Minnie Marvel

29 Mildred "Millie" (Craig) Wolfe

30 John Wolfe

31 Ellsworth Galbreath

32 Possibly Eva (Cripe) Wolfe

33 Elizabeth (Shepper) Wolfe

34  Laura Wolfe

35 Is A  duplicate of 29

36 Mae Wolfe

 37 Ermel (Reefe) Galbreath

38 Lester Garfield Wolfe

39 Terrence Galbreath

40 Ivan Ray Wolfe

41 Lovell George Wolfe

42 Merle Wolfe (son of John)

43 Margaret "Maggie" Mae Wolfe

44 John Zorn

45 Chester Eldon Wolfe

46 Carl Wolfe (son of Lorenzo)

47 Henry Scott Wolfe

48 Possibly Iva Marie (Black) Wolfe

49 Harold Wolfe (son of John)

50 Ernest Marvel

51 Lorenzo "Ren" Dow Wolfe

52 Myles "Doc" Sygworth Wolfe

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